Nov. 8, 2015

Do you have to do things different
Well, I’m a fan of Apple so yes, I like to think and do things “differently”, but when it comes to casting spell I have to decide what necessary procedures should be followed to centre the things and which spell will be more suitable for the case. It’s sort of making a virtual blue print of the plan before I cast any spell or give my suggestions. In most of the cases, I don’t have to do it different but yes few of them demand for an unique procedure.

Is it more offerings?
Indeed almost every single powerful spell demands for offerings. If you don’t offer those “odd” things, either it won’t work or it’s energy will be comparatively like a basic spell which might take either months or years to manifest. Take the example of black cat oil. Cat oil is something that has enormous power and is used in multiple ceremonies.

Do the spirits really talk to you?
No, I don’t talk to spirits the way you think. I don’t say “Hey, how are you doing today doing today? Let’s sit together for a minute and enjoy a cup of black cat oil”…rather I summon them will mantras and even command them by chanting mantras. It’s totally like my wish is their command except the fact that they are not “Jinnie” like that of Aladdin tale. They are superior power but now that I’ve gained mastery on them with my offerings and constant practice and some odd things which sounds odd but that does include something that I can’t disclose, they have to follow my commands now.

Do you ever think its just by chance and not you when you solve love problems? Is it always definitive that it was by your will?
When I cast a spell for binding or love and the things go perfectly, it can never be “just by luck”. People could feel that it was luck when it actually wasn’t. Spirits tend to do the things in their own way and I have no command on how they’re gonna perform it. So when I do a spell and things work out for you, either you admit/believe it or not the spirits were behind that “luck”.

Do you have to be a follower of satan or lucifer to use magic or do the spirits do not care about that? Is it meditation or magic words?
To make the spirits follow your command, you need to master on them. Without mastering the lower spirits or the “servants” will take upon your commands, but if you want it to be effective and powerful you will have to summon the supreme powers. So bottomline, you don’t actually need to be a follower of lucifer as far it is a simple magic but yes you will need to pass through a series of tough procedures, please spirits with offerings (that includes sacrifices) and practice it regularly with a strong mind if you want to master the supreme powers.


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